Sisters of silence

A pillow to put your head on when the nights are so long. Your holding back the screams, deep in your soul. Your dry eyes show nothing, of the tears that want to flow. Instead of giving into the pain, could be mental or physical. Realize how powerful you are enduring in silence. The strength it takes to control your automatic body functions. Such as, the tears you will not let flow, the screams of pain from each blow. Getting up time after time in silence. Brave face and smiles ,in front of Children or loved ones. Bruises healing most time with no medical care. Lying from the shame and enduring alone. It sneaks up on you, you keep telling yourself it must be something wrong wit me. I’m making a bigger deal out of it than it is. Other people have it worse than me! You know why you believe it? Your abuser told you over and over. It if your fault, your crazy, your making a bigger deal than it is, no one will believe you, hence the silence. WE NEED TO BREAK THE SILENCE!! There will always be scars, but do the hardest and scariest thing of all take your power back, confide in someone. Make a plan to get away from your abuser. You deserve better IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Truth is your abuser is a very insecure person who enjoys the control over you. I am not a dr nor do i have any type of degree. I am just a survivor of abuse. I know it is hard but i had to live in another state for a year. I was away from my family, children, and grandchildren for a year. I could not believe the help they have out there. Break the silence. If you need some advice or some one to confide in and you feel like you are alone. Reach out to me. Silent no more your sis of the soul !!

Published by Shelia Lirette

I am a SUVIVOR of many things. I am a grandmother of 5. I am also disable. I am not a doctor and i do not have a medical license; however, my journey in life has taught me so much. I feel like my life's journey has made me eligible to give advice in many areas. Abuse( mental and physical), Addiction, medical issues, disibility, self esteem (self- worth), just to name a few. Please allow me to help you choose yourself and make choices that benefit you and your loved ones. YOU ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!!!

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